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I am an outdoor enthusiast that decided to share my knowledge.  I'm hoping to have a business creating nature education materials.  I graduated from Michigan State University.  My major was Natural Resources and Environmental Education.  I concentrated in Forestry and had a minor in Agriculture.


I've always loved creating programs and would like to continue in this new way.


Cathy Howe


Tree Leaves Coloring Book


Leaf Images


Basswood Design T-shirt

Front of T-shirt

Basswood Design T-shirt.  $ 20.00.


Light Turquoise (shown), Carolina Blue, Kiwi, Sunset, Orange, Heliconia (bright pink), Daisy, Yellow, Coral, and Dark Turquoise.

Back of T-shirt.

Available in ten colors.  Sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and 2 X.

Contact me at for colors.

Limited supply.  Sales while last.  Custom orders in bulk available.



Contact me at to find out more about the coloring book.  Please leave your contact information.


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